Tylenol® 3 (Acetaminophen) Addiction

Effects of Acetaminophen and Tylenol 3

Tylenol, also known under the generic name acetaminophen, belongs to two classes of drugs: analgesics (pain relievers) and antipyretics (fever reducers). Acetaminophen works by raising the pain threshold a person feels – meaning it harder for a person to feel pain. It can also reduce fever by telling the heat-regulating center of the brain to lower the body’s temperature when it is too high.

Specifically, acetaminophen and Tylenol can be effective for reducing fever and relieving aches and pains such as headaches, dental issues, accidents, minor injuries, menstruation or pain from surgical operations.

While Tylenol and generic acetaminophen do not require a prescription, Tylenol 3 does. This is because Tylenol 3 is a stronger version of regular Tylenol. Tylenol 3 contains a high amount of codeine as well as acetaminophen.

It is the codeine in prescription Tylenol 3 that can create dependency when used improperly or without a prescription. Dosages should be monitored and prescriptions should be taken exactly as prescribed to avoid Tylenol 3 addiction. When abused, painkillers have the ability to create a calm, relaxed feeling that can increase with high doses. This makes Tylenol 3 and acetaminophen abuse extremely dangerous and can lead to dependency.

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Tylenol 3 Addiction Treatment

Dependency can cause Tylenol 3 abuse to take place even if the user is aware of its harmful effects. Users may compulsively seek out the drug. Large doses or chronic use can lead to liver damage, especially when used in combination with alcohol or other drugs.

If someone who is addicted to acetaminophen suddenly stops taking the drug, withdrawal symptoms can persist. These symptoms can range from muscle and bone pain and restlessness to vomiting and diarrhea. It is important for individuals with a Tylenol 3 addiction to seek out the proper addiction recovery treatment from qualified medical professionals.

Talbott Recovery provides Tylenol addiction and acetaminophen abuse treatment programs for individuals with a dependency on these medications. We offer both day treatment and intensive outpatient treatment with two campuses in Georgia – Atlanta and Dunwoody.

If you or a loved one is dealing with a Tylenol addiction, it’s time to take action. Please contact us to learn more about acetaminophen abuse treatment today.

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