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Adult Addiction Recovery Program
Adult Addiction Recovery Program
We understand that our patients come from a myriad of backgrounds and complicated, painful situations. We provide a holistic treatment that affect mind, body, soul and spirit.

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Young Adult Addiction Recovery Program
Young Adult Addiction Recovery Program
Young adults who suffer from addiction have more difficulty achieving sobriety than their adult counterparts. Our Young Adult Addiction Program is designed to address this difficulty.

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Licensed Professionals Recovery Program
Licensed Professionals Recovery Program
There is hope for professionals dealing with an addiction, which can affect your medical, mental or spiritual well-being. Talbott Recovery is here and is ready to help.

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Community Events

Mississippi Addictions Conference
February 10-12, 2016 – Jackson, MS

GPPA (Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association) Winter Meeting
February 12-13, 2016 – Atlanta, GA

“Talbott offered a treatment team who came together to help me pick up the
pieces of my life, helped me remember I had a soul...”

Female Patient in 2014
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