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Deciding to pursue substance use treatment is a courageous decision. At Talbott Recovery, we strive to make the assessment and admission process as easy as possible.

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Starting Addiction Treatment at Talbott Recovery: What to Expect

After contacting us, it’s natural to be anxious about what happens next. Friendly intake coordinators and admissions staff guide you through the process and answer all your questions.

We offer outpatient addiction treatment programs, enabling you to go home between sessions. Services are available through day and evening sessions. If you are coming to us from outside the Atlanta area, you stay in our recovery residences.

We are an open enrollment program, so you can begin outpatient addiction treatment when it’s right for you. We typically coordinate admissions within 24 hours of completing your assessment. Find out more about what to expect by reading answers to frequently asked questions.

The first step involves contacting us by phone at 844-947-8323. You can also email Admissions or Mike Groves. After contacting us, here’s what happens:


Intake specialists are available 24/7. We welcome inquiries from potential patients, their loved ones or referring physicians. Our addiction recovery for licensed professionals program welcomes calls from concerned employers, professional boards and licensing agencies.

You can complete the intake process at our Atlanta or Dunwoody locations. Doing so helps you get to know the staff and our facilities, which can make your first day of treatment a little less stressful. We typically see new patients within two business days. If it’s more convenient, we can also complete your assessment over the phone.

Information gathering

The intake specialist asks about substance use patterns and current symptoms. This information helps us make an admissions decision. After receiving this determination, many patients start treatment right away.

Medically assisted detoxification, available through our sister facility at Black Bear Lodge, may be necessary. This service includes around-the-clock medication and medical supervision to help ease substance withdrawal symptoms.

Medical record and application review

The intake specialist gathers all required information and shares it with a Talbott Recovery addiction medicine specialist. They determine whether the primary cause of your symptoms is a substance use disorder or medical condition.

If the cause is substance use disorder and treatment at Talbott Recovery is appropriate, we move forward with the admissions process. If our programs are not the right fit, we provide information about other programs that might help you.

Insurance approval and financing

The intake specialist helps verify insurance coverage and explains out-of-pocket costs, if applicable. We accept most commercial insurance plans and TRICARE®, the U.S. military health benefits program. If you do not have insurance and wish to self-pay, we help you make the necessary financial arrangements.

Schedule your admission

We admit new patients on weekdays. If you are coming to us from outside the Atlanta Metro, transportation is available from the airport or a local hotel on admission day.

Starting addiction treatment

We start by performing a thorough assessment that considers your psychiatric, psychological, social and family needs. We then develop a personalized treatment plan focusing on self-reflection, education and various types of therapy. If you are recovering from alcohol or opiate addiction, you may need medications to relieve withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.

Transferring to Talbott Recovery From Another Facility

Talbott Recovery accepts transfers from other facilities. If you are inquiring about a transfer, call us at 844-947-8323. You can also email Admissions or reach out directly to Mike Groves. An addiction medicine specialist determines whether admission to our program is appropriate, and an intake specialist will get back to you.

Get Help Now at Talbott Recovery Campus

Learn more about admissions or call us at 844-947-8323. Intake specialists are available 24/7. We accept most commercial insurance plans and TRICARE®, the U.S. military health benefits program.

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Easy access to addiction recovery services

Services are available on campuses in Atlanta and Dunwoody. If you do not live in the area, we offer nearby recovery residences with 24-hour supervision from Talbott Recovery staff.

Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction?

We can offer a way out. A lifetime of recovery and treatment is just one phone call away. Take a step toward a happier, healthier life.