Atlanta Addiction Treatment

Are you tired of dealing with the pain and anguish caused by addiction problems? It’s time to get back to being the real you. Let Talbott Recovery help make it happen.

Among the drug rehab centers in Georgia, Talbott Recovery Atlanta offers a comprehensive range of services that address substance abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Using the medical model, the staff at Talbott Recovery prides itself in offering treatment for addictive disorders.

Every patient receives unique, individualized treatment that best fits their needs. Addiction treatment programs available at our Atlanta location include:

Talbott Recovery Atlanta accepts patients with a dual-diagnosis such as addiction with a coexisting depression, anxiety, unresolved grief, personality problems and more. Patients attending our treatment programs have a chemical abuse problem, but we address the whole patient in his or her disease. We screen the health status of every potential patient to make sure we are the proper facility for care.

Talbott Recovery Atlanta Location

5355 Hunter Road
Atlanta, GA 30349

Main: 678-251-3189
Fax: 770-994-2024 (Medical Records)
Fax: 770-994-2826 (Admissions)

For more information about Talbott Recovery Atlanta and our programs for addiction treatment, contact us or call us toll-free at 678-251-3189.

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Get your life back, and let Talbott Recovery help. Together, we can start your new beginning.

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