Methadone is an opioid that is often prescribed for the treatment of pain. It can also be used to help reduce withdrawal symptoms in those addicted to narcotics such as heroin. While this prescription drug can be helpful to those with a drug abuse issue, it can also cause addiction when used without the supervision of a medical professional.

Signs of Methadone Abuse

Those who abuse methadone will often experience a range of side effects that are similar to other opioids. The user may experience drowsiness, weakness, constipation, nausea, dry mouth, headache, unexplained itchiness, and uncontrollable mood swings.

As the user develops a tolerance for the drug, therefore requiring more of it in order to achieve the desired high, these symptoms may become more severe. With continued use, taking too high of a dosage can lead to weak pulse, low blood pressure, disorientation, respiratory failure, coma, or death.

Treatment for Methadone Addiction

Abruptly stopping the use of methadone can lead to a number of withdrawal symptoms, including muscle aches, restlessness, insomnia, stomach cramps, and dilated pupils. It’s important to seek professional help before abruptly stopping the use of this drug.

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