Talbott Times

How to Get the Talbott Times

The Talbott Times is a quarterly publication. Each new edition will be posted on the Talbott Recovery website and will be available from the Home Page and in the Alumni Services Section along with an archive of previous editions.

With the publication of a new edition an email notification will be sent to all parties in our database informing the latest edition is available. The email will have a link that will take you to the current edition. Our goal is to conserve resources (financial and natural – trees and paper) and to cut down on the excessive amount of “extra” paper mail most of us receive. Savings from electronic distribution and the savings on copies returned due to out of date addresses will allow Talbott Recovery to expand the number and types of services we provide you.

To ensure that you continue to receive your copy of the Talbott Times, please click here to update your contact information or email Carol Bowers so we can update and maintain our database. This information will also insure that you receive the emails that Carol issues with sobriety tips, alumni news and information about upcoming events.

If you cannot get email or would prefer to continue to receive the Talbott Times via mail in hard copy form, please let our Outreach Team know so we can continue to deliver the Times to your door. If we have not heard from you before we distribute the September issue, you will stop receiving the newsletter by mail so let us know what you prefer as soon as possible.

Talbott Recovery Wants to Hear From You

In each edition of the Talbott Times we try to keep you informed about what is going on here at Talbott Recovery and provide you with information that will be useful to you in moving your recovery forward. In the twelve step fellowships there is nothing more powerful than one alcoholic helping another. The Talbott Times provides each of you another opportunity to share your experience, strength and hope with other alumni. But the Times is your newsletter. What was your experience when you returned home from treatment? What challenges have you faced in your recovery and how did you work through them? What did you learn or what insight did you gain from a return visit to Talbott Recovery. Your experiences can benefit others.

We promise to protect your anonymity. Going forward we would like to include at least one alumni story per edition. If you have suggestions for the Times or would like to be a contributor, please click here or send your story to Carol Bowers. If you have questions about how to get started or proceed, please feel free to call Carol at 678-251-3114.

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