The Importance of Professional Young Adult Addiction Programs

Just as no two addictions develop in the same way, no two patients are the same. Young adults have a unique set of challenges during their recovery. They struggle with obstacles and drugs that may not be as problematic for older individuals. By examining this demograhic’s unique risks, it’s possible to understand and appreciate the need for a professional young adult addiction program.

Almost One-Quarter of Young Adults Used Drugs in the Last 30 Days

Illegal drug use isn’t a temporary blip on the radar, or a problem that impacts just a handful of people. In 2013, nearly 23% of 18–20 year-olds report using an illicit substance. Whether it’s prescription drugs or illegal street drugs, it’s a serious problem. Often, use leads to abuse and addiction for these young adults.

In the Last 20 Years, College Opioid Use Has Tripled

Between the 1990s and today, opioid use on college campuses has grown at an astonishing rate. This is, unfortunately, roughly in line with the growing use of opioids across all age groups. It shows that young people aren’t exempt from dangerous and highly addictive opioids.

33% of U.S. Students Have Tried Drugs

Sadly, a shocking one-third of U.S. students enrolled in high school have tried drugs in the past. While not all of these students will use drugs regularly, in some cases it lays the groundwork for future addiction.

Nearly 7% of all College Students Have Tried OxyContin or Vicodin

Prescription drug addiction has significantly impacted college students across the country. Particularly troubling is the number of young adults who have tried OxyContin or Vicodin. Obviously, these drugs have highly addictive properties. However, using these drugs can also be a gateway to young adult heroin use.

Heroin Addiction Doubled Among Young Adults in the Last 10 Years

Heroin addiction is a serious, devastating condition. In recent years, it has begun impacting new demographics, particularly young adults. Young adults in America are increasingly using and becoming addicted to heroin. This clearly shows the growing need for young adult heroin addiction treatment programs.

Young adult addiction programs specifically focus on the challenges addicted young adults face. Within these programs, detox, dual diagnosis treatment and behavioral therapy help promote lasting recovery. Young adults addicted to heroin can become better equipped to navigate stresses and triggers that cause a relapse.

A professional young adult addiction program can be the key to successfully tackling addiction. The right program can focus on the needs of young people, take relapse prevention into account and focus on the physical and emotional requirements of today’s young adults.

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