6 Signs Your Prescription Drug Abuse is Out of Hand

Prescription drugs are a normal part of life. Millions of people take prescription medications every day – but they take them responsibly. A large portion of prescription drug users, however, abuse the medications. They take drugs that weren’t prescribed to them or they take prescription drugs without following the applicable directions.

If you take prescription drugs or are worried about a loved one who does, there are signs to look for that can alert you to a bigger problem. Keep an eye out for the following prescription drug abuse symptoms:

1. You try to stop using the drug, but fail.

Have you attempted to stop taking a certain prescription drug, but found the desire to go back to it so intense that you gave in? This is the first sign that you may have an addiction problem and your prescription drug abuse is a bigger issue than you originally thought.

2. You feel like you always have to have a supply of the drug.

Does the thought of running out of a certain prescription drug spark a flame of anxiety within you? If you can’t imagine not having a particular drug, there may be a bigger problem at hand.

3. You know you can’t afford the drug, but spend money on it anyway.

Letting a prescription drug negatively affect your finances is a clear sign that you may be more dependent on that drug than you thought. If you could go without the drug, you would – because you know you can’t afford it.

4. You feel like you need to use the drug regularly.

If you find yourself repeatedly using the prescription drug even though you don’t need it, you could be abusing it. This sign can get worse over time if nothing is done, so you may want to seriously consider seeking help from a prescription drug abuse treatment program.

5. You feel like you need to use the drug to deal with daily problems.

When faced with a difficult but common life situation (for example, an argument with a loved one or a bad day at work), do you find yourself turning to a prescription medication for relief instead of healthier options? A person who is not addicted to prescription drugs might turn to exercise or a hobby, but if you find yourself turning to drugs, this is a clear sign of a bigger issue.

6. You focus more time and energy on getting and using the drug.

You know your thoughts. If they mostly include thoughts about the next time you get to take a certain prescription medication, something is wrong. Your thoughts should never revolve around a drug, no matter what the circumstances may be.

The bottom line is this: if you notice any of the prescription drug abuse symptoms above, you (or a loved one) may have a prescription drug abuse problem. The best solution? A prescription drug abuse treatment program led by experienced professionals. Such a program can get you back on the right track before your prescription drug abuse gets even more out of hand.

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