Are You a Nurse with an Addiction Problem? Ask Yourself These Questions

As a nurse, you’re surrounded by medications and prescription drugs on a daily basis. If you take medications regularly, you may occasionally wonder if you have an addiction problem. Let’s find out once and for all.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you need to use the drug on a regular basis?

The best way to identify a problem is to see the amount of time that you spend using the drug, thinking about the drug, or attaining the drug. If you are using the drug once a day, it is most likely time to seek a professional. If you use the drug once a week, perhaps think about trying to reduce your intake.

2. Do you always have the drug on hand, no matter what?

Is the drug something you always keep in your purse or wallet just in case you have a craving? If it is something that simply stays in the medicine cabinet then there is most likely no issue. But if you ensure that it is easy to have access to your favorite medication and use it regularly, them then it is time to consider it a form of an addiction.

3. Do you find yourself having intense urges?

The easiest way to tell an addiction from a bad habit is to see if you have extremely intense urges for the drug. Those dealing with drug addiction will not be able to stop thinking about the medication and will have cravings for it day and night. Of course we all have small urges for our favorite foods and such, but if it becomes a constant fixation and desire, then most likely you are facing an addiction and not simply a bad habit.

4. Are you spending lots of money on the drug or stealing in order to have it?

Another way to tell if you have a drug addiction as a nurse is to see if you spend a large amount of money on your favorite drug. Everyone has to spend some money on prescriptions, but if you find that you are spending more on this drug than anything else in your life or are using money that you need to put towards something else, then it is time to consider professional help.

5. Can you think of nothing but the drug?

As a nurse, it is important to be able to multitask constantly and think of many things at once. If your thoughts are completely absorbed by your desire for the medication, you need to look into removing it completely from your life.

How We Help

When we are busy in our lives, it is quite difficult to identify addictions. The above questions should be able to help any nurse see if he or she is facing a legitimate problem. When working in healthcare, it is especially vital to ensure that no substance impairs performance. Talbott Recovery offers a licensed professionals program for nurses, doctors and other occupations who may be dealing with drug abuse problems. Talk with us today and get more information about this program and how we help.

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