Addiction Myths: The Truth Behind Professional Addiction

There is a great deal of information available for people dealing with addictions. Sadly, there is less material out there for professionals facing these same issues. Every day individuals in leadership face substance abuse. Whether you’re a doctor who has prescription drugs at your fingertips or you’re a business person trying to handle stressful days, here are some of the biggest myths about professional addiction.

Myth #1: Since doctors and nurses know the dangers of drugs, they are more likely to avoid them.

It is in fact quite the opposite. Because doctors and nurses have so many prescription drugs available to them, they are more likely to be tempted to see if the drugs help relieve stress and increase productivity. An article by USA Today claims that more than 100,000 healthcare professionals abuse prescription drugs. Doctors and nurses need to be even more careful than the average Joe to resist the temptation of drug use.

Myth #2: Addicts are easy to spot in the professional world because they become less productive.

Addicts are very capable of hiding their substance abuse. To begin, they tend to become more productive and focused. Of course as time goes on it will be easier to see the repercussions of the addiction. If you notice someone who is constantly staying late at work and seems to never make mistakes, keep a careful eye out for substance abuse. If you are facing addiction, recognize that although you may be more efficient now, it will become more and more difficult to pay attention to details the longer your abuse drugs.

Myth #3: Prescription drugs are not as dangerous as substances such as marijuana and cocaine.

Addiction is addiction no matter what the substance is. Misusing drugs can be dangerous for your body and for those around you. Prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illegal substances since it is so easy to access them. This is especially true for professionals in the healthcare industry. Also, the repercussions of prescriptions over a long period of time are just as hazardous as other illegal drugs. Thus caution should be used when dealing with any form of chemicals entering your body.

Myth #4: Professionals have more willpower than the average person and thus are more capable of quitting their addiction.

When facing addiction, it is easy for people to think that they have the power to fix themselves and to deal with the issue. Sadly, this is often not the case. Drug addiction is an illness and requires the help of a professional. The biggest mistake a professional can make is to keep the problem a secret. Instead, they must get involved in a support group and seek expert advice.

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