Are You Ready for Drug Addiction Recovery? Ask Yourself These Questions

You know you’re an addict. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol or prescription medications, you know you have a problem. This is not the question at hand – you’re asking yourself now, “am I ready for drug addiction recovery?” How do you know when it’s the right time to seek help?

As you’re thinking about your unique situation and the implications that seeking treatment or not seeking treatment could have on your life, take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my alcohol or drug use making my work or school performance suffer?
  2. Have my relationships with family or friends recently become strained?
  3. Am I having a hard time relaxing or unwinding without using drugs or alcohol?
  4. Have I recently been in trouble with the law because of drug or alcohol use?
  5. Do I feel like I want to quit, but don’t know how?
  6. Do I dream about a future without drugs or alcohol?
  7. Is drug or alcohol use holding me back from accomplishing my goals in life?
  8. Is my health deteriorating because of my drug or alcohol use?
  9. Does the thought of addiction treatment scare me or give me hope?
  10. Am I tired of feeling depressed, anxious or agitated?
  11. Are my finances spinning out of control because of my addiction?
  12. Is my addiction affecting my family’s finances and in turn, hurting my family?

The more you answered yes to the above questions, the more you’re ready for addiction treatment. It may seem that your addiction has taken control of your life, but you are still in control. You hold the reins to either steer your life towards recovery, or steer your life farther into despair.

The choice is yours, but the professionals at Talbott Recovery are here to help. If you are considering addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, it’s time to take the next step. Contact Talbott Recovery to get all of your questions about drug addiction recovery answered by medical professionals who truly care. 678-251-3189

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