Our Program




Treatment at Talbott Recovery Columbus

Opened in 2012, Talbott Recovery Columbus
 provides both day and evening Intensive Outpatient Programs to address both substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Talbott Columbus is TRICARE certified and includes a Partial Hospitalization option.


Our Approach

Talbott Recovery Columbus specializes in Intensive Outpatient Treatment focusing on addiction along with any coexisting depression, anxiety, unresolved grief or trauma. Research has shown that this method of addressing the whole patient provides the best possible chance of lasting recovery.






Our Location

Talbott Recovery’s Columbus campus is about 90 minutes southeast of Atlanta. This location is perfectly situated to the serve the Fort Benning, south Georgia and Auburn, Alabama areas, including the area around Auburn University.


Specialty Programs

At Talbott Recovery Columbus, we offer a comprehensive range of services through Day and Evening Outpatient programs. Ambulatory Detox, Medication-assisted Treatment and an option just for nurses are also available. We also offer a Alumni Program to provide support and resources for patients once they return home.

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