Founder’s Message

Welcome to the Talbott Recovery Website

Alcoholism and chemical dependency are chronic, relapsing, fatal diseases that not only affect the life of the alcoholic but also the lives of family, friends and colleagues.

Thirty five years ago when we decided to open Talbott Recovery, we knew that the best way to serve our patients was to accomplish the following goals:

  • To be the best at our specialty
  • To listen carefully and study our results to ensure we are providing meaningful and effective treatment
  • To develop a family program which reaches and aids the families throughout the treatment process and beyond
  • To be the program of choice for patients and their families, physicians and mental health professionals

To reach Talbott Recovery goals we knew we would also have to work on three larger objectives:

  • Work for public recognition of alcoholism and chemical dependency as diseases
  • Advance the knowledge of the treatment of addiction and coexisting psychiatric disorders
  • Promote education in the medical community about the most effective approach(es) necessary to achieve the greatest quality of life outcomes for patients as they learn to live without the use of alcohol and other mood altering chemicals, except when indicated by a verified psychiatric disorder.

Thirty five years later, with thousands of alumni from all over North America, our commitment to our patients is stronger than ever. Talbott Recovery continues to stay the course by continually and incrementally examining the results of our programs and searching for methods to achieve the best possible outcomes. We began by “listening” to our patients, families and referral sources and we still do.

We are proud of the care we have provided to the individuals who have entrusted their lives to us at the Talbott Recovery. We are humbled by the lasting impact these patients, family and friends have had on our lives and by the work still to be done. We would be honored to serve you.

G. Douglas Talbott, M.D. FASAM, FACP

Medical Director Emeritus


Benjamin H. Underwood, FACHE

Former Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director


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