Return Visits to Talbott Recovery

More than 25 years ago, Talbott Recovery began receiving feedback from alumni expressing interest in returning to Talbott Recovery on a regular basis. Requests were made to help former patients reconnect with other alumni and staff that had been a part of the beginning of their recovery at our alcohol treatment center. These alumni spoke of the significant number of important new friendships they had made on campus and of the confidence and trust they had developed with the addiction treatment staff. However, the most important aspect that was missing was a way to reconnect. As a result of these requests, Talbott Recovery created the Return Visit Program.

Over the last two decades, Return Visit has become an important and well-attended component of the addiction treatment program we offer at Talbott Recovery. Download a sample Return Visit schedule.

What to Expect During a Return Visit

Talbott Recovery alumni and family members participating in our Return Visit Program are encouraged to:

  • Come back to Talbott Recovery to “recharge recovery batteries”
  • Meet and “catch up with” old roommates and domemates
  • Reconnect with Talbott Recovery staff who have been important in their recovery
  • Recommit to the foundation of recovery they began to build while in addiction treatment
  • Offer hope, encouragement and support to current patients at Talbott Recovery’s drug & alcohol treatment center
  • Meet with patients who will be returning to their home town

Online Registration

Cancelled until further notice

Register by Phone or Mail

To register for our Return Visit Program by phone at: 678-251-3189 or (678) 251-3110. You can also mail your registration request to:

Talbott Recovery
5355 Hunter Road
Atlanta, GA 30349

The entire staff looks forward to seeing you and your family, so please plan on coming to see us!

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