Trauma Recovery Track

Talbott Recovery Campus is pleased to announce the addition of an eight week Trauma Recovery Track to our programming. This is just one component in Talbott’s efforts to provide trauma informed patient care.

This psychoeducational, skill building group meets once per week. The group is designed to further strengthen the recovery of our patients by giving them a safe place to learn about the impact of trauma on their lives, their addiction and their recovery. Patients are assisted in containment and understanding of the trauma and its symptoms.

Clinical staff will help patients learn how to manage symptoms and triggers, develop physical and emotional safety, recognize their self-defeating behaviors, and understand the importance of self-care and the need for healthy boundaries in relationships. Patients will also discover how PTSD and substance abuse interact and the importance of addressing both for the best chance of sustained recovery.

Individual therapy for trauma processing during or after completion of this track will be provided, as deemed appropriate for each patient. Group size is limited to 10 patients to allow sufficient time for processing of homework and answering patient questions.

*There is an additional fee above the cost of patient’s treatment program.

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