Talbott Recovery: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Talbott Recovery has a lot to look forward to this year. We’re making the leap from our old campus to a newer, bigger and better space in the Georgia foothills in Atlanta. Our new location means we can offer patients, professionals and the entire mental health industry so much more while maintaining the same great care we have for 30 years now.

Looking Back at Talbott’s History

Our campus first opened in 1989 when Dr. G. Douglas Talbott and Ben Underwood came together to offer intensive, effective addiction care for healthcare and other professionals. Both were already prominent and respected advocates in the addiction treatment field. Dr. Talbott was a pioneer in the mission to classify addiction as a disease. By coming together they created a program so successful it soon opened its doors to other licensed professional fields as well as young adults. Now our continued success means it’s time to grow even more.

We may be moving, but we won’t be leaving our past behind.

In fact, we’re really coming full circle. Dr. Talbott began his medical career as a cardiologist and coincidentally our new facility is the former headquarters of the Association of Black Cardiologists. So as we move we’re still keeping the heart first as we continue to combine the best tried and proven treatment methods with the newest, most innovative practices.

New Facility, Same Excellent Patient-Centered Care

Our move lets us grow, but it doesn’t change who we are or what we do. As CEO Katie Myers shares, “Our addiction psychiatrists, our clinicians, the work they can do because of their training and who they are, that will remain.”

Relocation comes with a lot of exciting changes. The most obvious is our leap from a smaller building to a fresh and exciting new campus. Our square footage grows from under 25,000 square feet to 38,728. We also gain 120 acres of land and a 30-acre spring-fed lake. This property may be the biggest benefit to our move because we can transport patients from a hectic city lifestyle to a peaceful nature escape. It also gives us space to offer outdoor therapies we couldn’t offer at our previous location.

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Indoors, our building is flooded with natural light and new amenities. We have an entire room dedicated to yoga and a larger chapel with stunning views of the surrounding foothills. We also have a large lecture hall that allows for additional therapies, like music therapy and psychodrama. We’ll have more multi-use spaces, so we can better include families, alumni and the community at large.

We want everyone engaged in treatment, and our new campus allows staff, patients and loved ones alike to be part of the healing journey.

We’ve always offered intensive, innovative care, and this will never change. Our new location simply lets us expand so we can reach more people and touch more lives. Every physician on campus is an addiction psychiatrist and every patient has a treatment team of five, when most programs offer one or two at most. We also provide a longer length of stay and a higher caliber of clinicians. So, when our patients leave our care, they do so truly ready to take on the ups and downs of their everyday life again.

Talbott Offers Specific Treatment to Meet Every Person’s Needs

According to our peer-reviewed research, Talbott’s remission rates are well over 90 percent six months after treatment. Patients experience few, if any, days of drug or alcohol use and have a “significant reduction in days of both medical and psychological problems when questioned six months after treatment.” We use our research to decide what treatments work best and make continuous improvements.

Talbott offers a range of specialized programs that meet the varying individual needs of our patients. We’ve helped over 6,000 professionals receive confidential, expert care so they can return to their work, their families and their lives. Our new location opens even more doors for innovative individual care and community outreach services.

We started as a program for professionals, and our Professionals Treatment Program remains one of our core offerings. Physicians, pilots, nurses, therapists and more come to us for help balancing their careers and their recovery. We later expanded to offer young adult programs, family programs and community outreach programs, like Mirror Image, which helps patients see the impact addiction has on others while offering empathy and support for peers in recovery.

Staying Connected After Care

While we’re excited about the future, our history and our alumni remain some of our strongest assets. Former patients are a huge part of our programs and offerings, and we stay engaged in our patients’ lives. They, in turn, stay engaged in ours. We have an active, fun-loving and encouraging alumni community.

Our former patients are eager to come together and do what they can to support future recovery efforts. For example, our alumni helped us raise funds and adopt Breezy, our trained therapy dog that has helped soothe transitions and change therapy dynamics for many of our current patients.

Even at our old location, we held regular get-togethers and fun sober nights involving skit shows, karaoke and more. Our new location allows us to continue this tradition but on an even larger scale. The expansive property and indoor lecture hall give us space to hold bigger events and get even more of the community involved. Our need for this growing alumni space is a tangible sign of the success both past and present patients experience at Talbott Recovery.

Moving Forward

Talbott Campus is ready to move forward. We will always maintain our high standards and remain industry leaders, but now we can do even more. We’re excited to honor our past and our patients while creating opportunities to reach even more lives. We hope the changes we’re making can spark even more changes — both big and small — in individual hearts and lives and in the addiction and recovery landscape.