Dr. David Prewett

Clinical and Aviation Psychologist

David Prewett is a Clinical and Aviation Psychologist and has been in clinical practice for 30 years with a particular focus on addiction issues in professionals. As a consultant to Talbott Recovery Campus in Atlanta, GA, he has performed well in excess of five thousand evaluations for medical boards, bar associations and other state regulatory agencies.  He has also performed fitness assessments for all the major airlines, a host of regional carriers and is a HIMS-qualified psychological examiner.

Serving as Senior Consultant to the TRC pilot Assessment and Treatment Program, Dr. Prewett is directly involved in the assessment of aviators who have been referred for comprehensive evaluation regarding emotional and/or substance abuse issues. Two pilot monitoring groups that meet FAA requirements are conducted by him each week and a considerable number of pilots are followed in the office for individual sessions on a routine basis. Pilots who are seeking a Special Issuance of the Airmans Medical Certificate are seen in the office for the comprehensive psychological assessment required by the FAA. Typically, he monitors about 45 pilots each week either in the groups or the office.

He co-authored with Heather Hamilton the New Path Handbook which is a guide and ancillary material for a group he conducts three times a week at TRC.  This group focuses on the interaction of personality issues and the search for durable recovery from mood-altering substances and provides a unique perspective on the addictogenic aspects of each personality style. In certain instances, he also provides therapy for individuals with addiction issues.

When not working, he is an avid fisherman, likes to cook and plays golf.

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