Alumni Addiction Support Services

Overview on Talbott Recovery’s Alumni Addiction Support Strategies

The mission of the Alumni Services department at Talbott is to assist and support the addiction recovery of each and every Talbott Recovery alumni. As men and women who have come to Talbott for help with your substance abuse issues, it’s our job and duty to help facilitate continued recovery once you leave our campus. After all, the path to recovery is hardest out in “the real world,” and we feel alumni do the best who have connections to other alumni as well as continued communications and contact with Talbott itself.

Our Director of Alumni Services is available to help alumni via e-mail or phone (full contact information is below) to do the following:

  • Find recovery resources in your area for moral and communal addiction support
  • Make contact with other Talbott Recovery alumni (local or otherwise)
  • Locate a Local Alumni Chapter or assist in starting a new Chapter
  • Answer ongoing questions about recovery issues & addiction support

How to Stay in Contact with Alumni Services

If you have moved since your stay at Talbott, please go to the Alumni Contact Update section of this website and complete the online form. Doing so will insure that you receive all the emails sent from Talbott as well as the monthly Talbott Recovery e-News. Whenever your mailing address or email address changes, please come back to this section and update your new information.

Please do not hesitate to call with any suggestions you may have to improve the communication between Talbott Recovery and the Alumni. Remember, you are always a member of the Talbott Recovery family once you become an Alumnus. We are always available to help you find ongoing addiction support services, as we have many ways to assist you in your recovery.

Don’t forget the Return Visit Program.  You are always welcome to come to as many return weekends as you can so check-out the dates and register early. We truly look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you again!


Carol Bowers, R.N.C.D.
Director of Alumni Services

Talbott Recovery
678-251-3114 or toll-free, 1-800-445-4232