Addiction Therapy for Young Adults

Are you a young adult who is dealing with the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction? Perhaps it began as peer pressure to drink at parties or as a way to cope with a loved one’s death. Bottom line: addiction is a disease that many people face, and you are not alone.

While you may feel powerless over the constant need for alcohol, drugs, or both, there is help to this overwhelming destructive behavior. Young adult addiction treatment in Atlanta, GA can help you conquer this powerless need.

If you think you may have a problem you can no longer control, contact Talbott Recovery today. Our addiction therapy for young adults ensures that you get personalized treatment with special groups and therapeutic techniques to address the challenges you are facing now.

Recovery can start today. If you realize that you’re spiraling out of control, we can help.

    • Don’t wait until you’ve hit “rock bottom”: Oftentimes you may hear that a person won’t seek treatment until they have no choice. Treatment can be successful at all stages of addiction, but the earlier someone enters treatment, the better chance they have of not harming themselves with destructive behavior.


    • Forget genetics: Sometimes people may feel that it’s hopeless to seek addiction therapy because their parents were alcoholics or drug addicts, so it must mean that it’s genetic. Not so. You can change and break the cycle of addiction.


    • Quitting if you really want to: Alcohol addiction and drug dependency won’t go away with sheer willpower. Prolonged substance abuse can change the way your brain works, making it more difficult for you to quit on your own.


  • Young adult addiction treatment didn’t work the first time: If you sought help before and eventually continued your alcohol or drug abuse, that doesn’t mean there still isn’t hope. Get back on track for an altered form of addiction therapy for young adults.

Contact Talbott Recovery to learn more about addiction treatment in Atlanta, GA or to speak with professionals who can help.