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What You Should Know about the Talbott Recovery Professionals Program

Navjyot Singh Bedi, M.D. Medical Director
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Addiction and substance abuse can impact many areas of a person’s life. It can affect your relationships, your home-life, your mood, and your career. Fortunately, there is hope for professionals dealing with an addiction and it’s related medical, mental or spiritual effects. Are you tired of an addiction negatively impacting every area of your life, including your job? Talbott Recovery can help.

Talbott Recovery’s Professionals Program has earned a national reputation for comprehensive addiction recovery treatment (alcoholism, other drug use disorders and other addictive disorders) and its related medical, psychological, psychiatric, spiritual and work-related problems.

We want you to know everything you can about the treatment options you have at Talbott Recovery. Here are some important facts about Talbott Recovery’s Professionals Program:

  • We stage the intensity of treatment based upon the levels described by the American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria, Version II, Revised.
  • Over our 38-year history, more than 6,000 professionals from all 50 states, Canada and Europe have come to Talbott Recovery for treatment.
  • No one has more experience in treating professionals than Talbott Recovery. Most other professionals programs were designed using the principles developed by Talbott Recovery.

Professionals Program Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a Candidate for the Professionals Program?

At Talbott Recovery Campus, it is our goal to treat a wide range of professionals who need help with addiction recovery so that they may return to their careers in the future. While all of our patients have a chemical abuse problem, our Professionals Program is designed to help addicted professionals with alcoholism, chemical abuse and other addictive disorders so that they may return to their careers in the future.

Our Professionals Program treats:

  • Physicians in all specialties
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • Pharmacists
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Pilots
  • Attorneys
  • Business Executives


How Will the Professionals Program Affect My Ability to Practice My Profession?

Talbott Recovery’s goal is to assist our patients in returning to work in their chosen profession providing it is safe for the patient and the public. Using the vast knowledge acquired by years of treating professionals, key members of each patient’s treatment team offer expertise in licensure and employment issues. The existing relationships we have with each state board and professional health program allow patients to have a smooth transition back to the workplace upon completion of the Professionals Program.


What Happens after Treatment in the Professionals Program?

Each patient leaves Talbott Recovery’s Professionals Program with a comprehensive personalized monitoring or aftercare plan. Input is provided by the Talbott Recovery treatment team, state licensing boards, profession-specific advocacy programs, employers, referral sources and the individual patient. Monitoring includes individual and/or family or couples counseling, group therapy, profession specific groups and urine drug screens. Patients find the structure and accountability helpful in early sobriety.


Why should I choose Talbott Recovery’s Professionals Program?

Talbott Recovery is the original founder of Healthcare Professionals Treatment Programs. Due to our 38-year history, we are extremely skillful in treating this population’s addiction issues. Healthcare Professionals make up 30-35% of our patient population. In the unique clinical setting of our Professionals Program, patient interaction with peers provides support and accountability.


Do you still have questions about Talbott Recovery’s Professionals Program?

Talbott Recovery wants you to have all the answers you need so you can begin the addiction recovery process. Call (800) 861.4290 or (770) 994.0185 24 hours a day to speak with an Intake Specialist, or contact us online today. We look forward to speaking with you./p>