72-Hour Assessments for Substance Abuse

Professionals Program Assessments

Talbott Recovery 72-Hour Assessments for substance abuse treatment are available to patients applying to the Professionals Program. The assessment will help prospective patients, referents and organizations to make clinically sound decisions for patients who are unsure if they need addiction treatment, or the level of care they may require. Assessments will help evaluate:

  • Alcohol and other drug dependency
  • Co-occurring psychiatric disorders such as depression or anxiety
  • Levels of pain (pain assessment available, if scheduled in advance)
Download our 72-Hour Assessment Guide and Admission Form.

Young Adult Assessments

If clinically indicated, a 72-Hour Assessment for substance abuse treatment may also be recommended to prospective patients applying to Talbott Recovery Chemical Dependency and Young Adult Programs. The 72-Hour Assessment has been designed to explore particular issues identified by the concerned parties and to provide the patient and referring parties with comprehensive conclusions and recommended courses of action. Following the assessment, diagnoses and recommendations are presented and provided in a detailed assessment report.

Elements of 72-Hour Assessments

Our multi-disciplinary assessment team for substance abuse treatment includes a(n):

  • Attending Physician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Addiction Medicine Specialists
  • Assessment Coordinator

The addiction treatment teams may also include a pain medicine specialist, a neurologist, or a sexual boundaries specialist as needed. An additional day is usually required for any additional evaluation that may be required.

Each Assessment includes a(n):

  • Comprehensive history & physical examination
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Two Addiction medicine evaluations
  • Bio-psychosocial self-assessment
  • Laboratory work and drug screens
  • Comprehensive psychological testing (MMPI-II, MCMI-III)
  • Extensive neuropsychological testing

If you have further questions about  our substance abuse treatment, or would like to schedule a 72-Hour Assessment, please contact our Intake Department at (800) 445-4232.