Therapeutic Leaves for Patients

When a patient in one of our addiction treatment programs wishes to spend time off-campus, this is accomplished through Day Passes, Therapeutic Leaves and Extended Therapeutic Leaves. Each patient is eligible to apply for a Day Pass every four weeks. A Day Pass is on Saturday or Sunday. A patient is also eligible to apply for a Therapeutic Leave, one weekend every four weeks. Therapeutic Leaves begin Friday at 2:30pm and ends on Sunday at 10:30pm.

An Extended Therapeutic Leave occurs near the end of a patient’s substance abuse recovery treatment. It is for five nights. The primary focus of this leave is to enable the patient to setup their aftercare program and begin building a recovery support network. Your Family Counselor will discuss eligibility for Therapeutic Leaves as well as the application process with you.

Guidelines During Therapeutic Leaves

The following set of guidelines must be followed during Therapeutic Leaves:

  • No alcohol, mood altering substances and/or prescriptions are permitted around the patient.
  • The patient is required to attend a Twelve Step meeting daily.
  • The counselor on-call is available after hours if you need immediate staff support/contact.
  • Please follow up with your Family Counselor after the visit.