Substance Abuse Treatment Philosophy

The substance abuse treatment philosophy at Talbott Recovery is based on the American Medical Association’s definition of addiction as a chronic, progressive, primary illness affecting the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the individual and family.

Talbott Recovery provides an integrated, holistic continuum of care for individuals with addictive disease and co-occurring psychiatric disorders such as addiction with coexisting depression, unresolved grief, personality problems, and their accompanying emotional and physical problems. Treatment for addiction is both comprehensive and individualized, as Talbott Recovery functions primarily as an alcohol recovery center, drug abuse treatment center, and addiction rehab center for young adults, professionals, and general adults in need of treatment. Talbott Recovery offers off-campus apartment living nearby for patients. Specific information can also be found for our Talbott Dunwoody and Talbott Columbus campuses.

Philosophies by Treatment Program

Alcoholism / Chemical Dependency Program

“Intermediate care, such as that provided by Talbott Recovery, treats the personality, because the personality is the soil in which recovery is planted. Our job is to tend that soil; to make a patient’s personality fertile so that recovery will grow deep roots and recovery blossoms.”

 Navjyot Singh Bedi, M.D. – Talbott Recovery Medical Director

 Professionals Program

“Professionals should be treated with their peers. The shame and blame professionals experience goes well beyond what other alcoholics experience – we’re supposed to know all the answers. To recover, we need to be in the presence of other professionals.”

G. Douglas Talbott, M.D. – Talbott Recovery Co-Founder

Young Adult Addiction Recovery Program

“Recent studies indicate that young adults with addictive disorders are seldom addicted to just one substance or behavior. They are experiencing significant life changes, and are subject to high levels of peer pressure. We understand the importance of flexibility in meeting the therapeutic needs of our young adult population as they are learning to navigate their constantly changing social environment.”

Michael Fishman, M.D. – Talbott Recovery Director of Young Adult Program

Dual Addiction Program

Talbott Recovery’s Dual Addiction Program for Adults provides a combination of education, individual therapy and group therapy for those struggling with both substance dependence & addictive sexual behavior. Recent research reveals that as many as 50% and higher of certain populations struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction are also engaging in compulsive sexual activity which causes equal damage to health, self-esteem and relationships. As such, we have developed a highly specialized dual addiction rehab program to simultaneously address both problems.