Patient Testimonials

At Talbott Recovery, we pride ourselves on providing compassionate behavioral health services to patients, their families and communities. We remain dedicated to helping people find the necessary skills to enrich their personal and professional lives, free from drug and alcohol addiction. Browse through Talbott Recovery campus reviews from former patients and find out what they have to say about our addiction treatment centers. View the video (and its transcript) below to learn first-hand about the success of our drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs at Talbott.

Video: Talbott Recovery Campus Reviews

Video Transcript

For 38 years, Talbott Recovery Campus has been dedicated to providing its patients with compassionate and comprehensive treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Our substance abuse counseling is focused on treating the whole patient and family, whether the disease is alcoholism, drug use or other addictive disorders.

Listen to what a few of our patients have to say about our drug and alcohol treatment center:


“Talbott offered a treatment team who came together to help me pick up the pieces of my life, helped me remember I had a soul, and helped me safely explore how those pieces of me had come together. They offered the opportunity for me to reshape my sense of who I was and find meaning and purpose in my life. As a Talbott alumni and ardent supporter of others in recovery, I can share that everything I hoped to gain for myself happened as a result of my time there. My life is different than I would ever have imagined, and so often I am grateful for those who helped me find the peace, the love and the joy that is ever-present in each day of my life.”


“I got the most out of the communal apartment living and the personal accountability. The community living was just really nice – like everyone was making an effort to help me feel better. Everybody here was very kind to me – I formed deep friendships I will treasure forever.. I appreciate the interpersonal level of Talbott – it symbolizes freedom for me. The physicians made a world of difference in my treatment – from managing my meds and helping my family and I with relationship dynamics, to the role playing therapy, which is amazing – everyone should have exposure to it. My time here has been a gift and a blessing. I feel like I have been given a second chance with my life and my family – just a very powerful experience.”

Talbott Recovery Campus treats alcoholic and chemically dependent adults age 18 and older in programs with varying levels that are catered to each patient’s recovery. We also offer treatment for professionals in a non-judgmental and understanding environment.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse issues, call an intake specialist today at 800-445-4232 and get started on your way to recovery from addiction with Talbott Recovery Campus – a place of new beginnings.