Addiction Programs and Treatment for Patients

With over 38 years of experience treating addiction in our patients, Talbott Recovery understands the pain, sorrow and confusion that can accompany substance abuse. Our caring team of counselors, physicians, social workers and support staff is here to help you or your loved one begin the road to recovery and experience a life that isn’t held back by drugs or alcohol.

At Talbott Recovery, we offer treatment options for substance abuse, alcoholism, chemical dependency and co-occurring psychiatric disorders, as well as the following:

At all of our three Georgia locations, including Atlanta, Dunwoody, and Columbus, you’ll find a staff committed to providing superior, compassionate service, alongside addiction treatment options that are tailored to you or your loved one’s needs.


“Talbott offered a treatment team who came together to help me pick up the pieces of my life, helped me remember I had a soul, and helped me safely explore how those pieces of me had come together. They offered the opportunity for me to reshape my sense of who I was and find meaning and purpose in my life.” More Testimonies >


Life doesn’t have to include the daily struggle of an alcohol or drug addiction. Find a new beginning at Talbott Recovery. Contact us for more information.


“I got the most out of the communal apartment living and the personal accountability. The community living was just really nice – like everyone was making an effort to help me feel better. Everybody here was very kind to me – I formed deep friendships I will treasure forever. I appreciate the interpersonal level of Talbott – it symbolizes freedom for me. I feel like I have been given a second chance with my life and my family – just a very powerful experience.” More Testimonies >