Outpatient Programs

If you’ve been struggling with addiction like alcohol or drug abuse, or even co-occurring psychiatric disorders, and you know they’re wrecking your life, don’t wait any longer to get help. Talbott Recovery, located in Atlanta, Georgia, offers outpatient (non-residential) addiction treatment programs to provide professional, compassionate, private outpatient addiction treatment that can give you hope and provide you with the tools to find a better way to live. These programs allow you to live in your own residence and to visit one of Talbott’s Georgia locations 5 days per week for one month – 3 or 6 hours per day depending on the program’s treatment strategies – much like visiting a doctor’s or counselor’s office regularly.

Do You Need an Outpatient Treatment Program in the Georgia Area?

  • Perhaps your friends, family members, spouse, significant other, or even work associates have called attention to your substance abuse issues?
  • Maybe you’ve run afoul of the Law one too many times to think it’s just “bad luck?”
  • Perhaps your health is suffering from the toxins you ingest on a regular basis, or your wallet always seems to be empty long before the next payday due to your partying sprees?

The truth is, you probably know you’re in over your head and you need help getting back to a normal, healthy lifestyle. Let Talbott’s outpatient addiction treatment show you the way. Our trained, clinical counselors and medical professionals are here to help you overcome your addictions and reclaim your life. There IS hope with Talbott – a place of new beginnings.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Each of our outpatient programs provides state-of-the-art treatment, using the medical model, to those who are 18 years of age or older and addresses both the substance abuse disorder as well as any co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Our treatment philosophy and practices are based on more than 38 years of highly successful and effective treatment experience.

This outpatient program offers individualized outpatient addiction treatment for six hours a day, five days per week.

This program is offered during the day as well as in the evening for those patients who are holding down jobs. During the Intensive Outpatient programs, clients attend treatment five days per week for three hours per day.

Talbott’s Young Adult Outpatient Program offers a comprehensive range of services through a one-and-a-half month, 6-week (5 days per week/6 hours per day) treatment program. Minimum age is 18. Patients will be evaluated regarding emancipation from parents, need for more structure and support, behavioral concerns, etc. for appropriate placement in the Young Adult Program. While age is a factor, many clients into their 30’s may benefit from the Young Adult Program.


Outpatient Addiction Treatment Locations

To accommodate the needs of our clientele, Talbott Recovery offers outpatient treatment programs at two Georgia locations. Talbott Dunwoody provides outpatient services in the northern-Atlanta area. Our Columbus location is conveniently located approximately two miles off Interstate 185 on the north side of the city.

Learn more about our outpatient addiction treatment locations in Georgia:

Click here to learn more about Talbott Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs.

With over 38 years of experience in treating substance abuse addiction problems, Talbott Recovery has the practical wisdom, clinical knowledge and compassionate heart to help you see better days ahead. There IS hope with Talbott Recovery – a place of new beginnings in the Atlanta, Georgia and Columbus, Georgia areas. Contact us or call using (706) 341-3600 to get started on the road to a happier, healthier, more peaceful you. We’re waiting to hear from you today!